Victim of poor quality passport photo in Voter’s ID

Victim of poor quality passport photo in Voter’s ID

I guess most of you are aware by now that voter’s list has been published by Election Commission of Nepal and majority has already got temporary voter’s ID card.

Have you looked you voter’s ID  card ? Did you like the passport photo in your voter’s ID ? I guess majority will say no. The passport size photo for Voter’s ID were taken using 1.3 MP webcam in poor lighting condition. How can we expect this to be good. Besides few, most of the people got horrible photos in their ID card.

If it was of temporary use, we could have said OK, but no, this is going to be Digital National ID. It will be embarrassing to use that card as national ID card. Government should either take new photo or allow the citizen to submit the photo by themselves. The meme below portrays what most of us has been going through.

passport photo facebook photo meme


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