Two New Technologies Affecting Your E-Mail Marketing


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E-mail marketing is a fantastic form of marketing that allows you to stay in touch with your leads and create a relationship with people who might otherwise have forgotten all about you. Once you have someone’s e-mail you have a means to contact them and to reel them in again in future, and this can ensure that anyone who’s shown an interested in your business is kept up to date and is made aware of any new promotions or product launches.

Of course e-mail marketing is only possible thanks to the web, and it’s important to remember how reliant it is on technology. Keeping an eye on new developments in technology and making sure that you stay ahead of these changes is crucial if you want to make the most of your marketing campaign. Here we will look at two of the most recent technologies that might change the face of your e-mail marketing.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are watches that sync up to smart phones allowing them to receive notifications. This means for the user that they are able to quickly see new e-mails and text messages by glancing at their wrist – thus meaning they don’t need to get their phone out or load up the computer. This is a useful productivity tool, but for those sending e-mail marketing messages it is just yet another filter and barrier that will make it difficult to make an impression. Most people you see will look at their wrist and if they see the message isn’t urgent or from a friend, they will simply ignore it and forget all about it.

The way around this is to make sure that your subject heading is as concise and as captivating as possible so that the reader still makes the decision to check it out. If you are offering a discount on a product that they will be likely to want, then you need to state that clearly and boldly right at the start of the message subject.

Crafting subject headings and message bodies that will grab attention and get you customers can be hard work, but if you use the best email marketing services they should be able to help you.

AR Codes

AR codes happily are a technology that creates opportunities for your e-mail marketing rather than obstacles and that can help you to communicate much more and much more effectively. Essentially these are ‘bar codes’ of a sort, that your potential customers can scan in using their smart phones. Once they do this, a web page will then open up automatically in their browser according to the code you created. This is often more successful than using a normal link because it’s more interesting to use and because it’s something of a novelty. Of course it’s not actually quicker when you use it in e-mail marketing as you could always have just put a normal link in the e-mail, but when used in other situations such as posters and TV ads it can have even smarter application. Maybe it’s time to think about using AR codes to capture those e-mails in the first place?

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