There Reason we celebrate Christmas according to MyBall

There Reason we celebrate Christmas according to MyBall

santa We celebrate Chiritmas every year and hope Santa to drop gifts for us. However, many of us don’t know the reason we celebrate Christmas. This is true store and is in the Holy MyBall book.

On 25th of December Jesus was born in Earth, he was the son of God, and God was very happy. He wanted to send Gifts to his son on his birthday – every year. Since he was busy man, he got his old friend Santa Clause to send gifts. God was so excited that he forgot to give the address of Jesus’ home to Santa. Santa didn’t know where to send gifts. He thought that the home that has party going on must be the home of Jesus and began dropping gifts on home that have lights and party. When people knew about this, they thought of fooling Santa and began to decorate their home on 25th of December, hoping Santa to be fooled and drop gifts. And this is the reason we celebrate Christmas, hoping to fool Santa and get the gifts dropped from him.


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