Cheat Cricket Master Blaster on Facebook

I guess most of you are aware of Facebook game called Cricket Master Blaster. However, you might not be aware of Cricket Master Blaster cheat. I will be writing about Master Blaster Cricket cheat in this post. The main aim of this game is to score as many runs as you can with a single wicket. Since it is a game in a social networking site, you can challenge your friends and compare each other’s score. If you want to score lots of runs and earn cric$ then follow this cheat and score lots of runs that will totally put your friend with a surprise.

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Cheat in Facebook Games

While browsing across facebook apps I found a javascript based game which can be tricked by modifying its script. Here is tutorial on how to cheat on this game. I have used Firefox browser and Firefox add-on firebug.
First open a game called Challenge Click . After the page is fully loaded activate firebug and search for  code below: (more…)

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