You are currently viewing Sunday Morning Love You – is the new viral song in Nepal

Sunday Morning Love You – is the new viral song in Nepal

sunday morning love you bhim niraula

The new song titled “Sunday morning love you” is the latest music video going viral in social media among Nepali users. The song has just gone viral few days ago. In just a matter of a day the song has gather more than 1,00,000 view, which can be regarded as viral in context of Nepal. This is the first Youtube video uploaded by Nepali to receive 1,00,000 views in matter of days. At the time of writing this post, the video has receive more than 1,60,000 views. Well it is featured in Buzzfeed too!! how viral it can be ??

To make a song go viral and popular it has to be sang by popular artist, but in case of Bhim Niroula he is barely know artist. Till week ago no one knew about him. But then came “Sunday morning love you” uploaded in Oct 12. The song was still unknown until Oct 20, suddenly after October 20 the song went viral. It was featured in buzzfeed on October 21, which supported the video to go viral.


Why is the song Sunday Morning Love You going viral ?

The song didn’t went viral because it was good full of melody and was sang by popular star of Nepal. The song is structure is simple. And singing is full of Nepali accent and is sang in the way Nepali adhunik song or Nepali modern song is sang. And the video is kind of funny. Actually the singing style is funny.  Well the song Sunday Morning Love You can be regarded as Gangnam Style of Nepal :D . There are hater as well as lover of the song, this song cannot be called masterpiece music but will make you lol or smile.

Who is Bhim Niroula ?

Well he is not so popular singer, without any follower. He has been uploading his song in his youtube account since 2010. These videos have barely crossed few hundred views. And it seems that he have released the album as well but still unknown. Based on the information in his facebook profile, he has Mastered in English Literature via Tribuwan University and he is currently working as banker in Santander Consumer Bank, Reading, England.

The song was recorded on Bhim’s home studio (picture below). And video might be D.I.Y as well. It seems he record all his song in his home.

sunday morning love you recording



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