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Sites you can browse for FREE with NCELL sim


As a value added service many Mobile Telecommunication service provider offer free access to various websites on internet. Similarly NCELL has offered its user access to free internet for limited site. We have listed those three site that are free to browse via NCELL sim.

1. Wikipedia


Wikipedia, also known as larger internet library is full of unlimited materials to help you increase on knowledge. NCELL in collaboration with WikiMedia is offering free unlimited access to Wikipedia. Browsing Wikipedia from NCELL is totally free and there are no charges. You can browse for free using browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera mini version 4.4.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media site having more than 200 million active users. You can follow your favorite artist,publications, friends and family with twitter. Titter is one of the popular social-media site, with NCELL you can browse Twitter for free! You can use twitter via browser or using official Twitter app.

3. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a popular instant-messaging app that lets user to send message, pictures, video and audio via their smartphone. Though NCELL has not listed about Whatsapp in their official site. It can be used for free. I could send & receive text message via Whatsapp without problem even though my NCELL balance was Rs 0.05. Though there seems to be problem when sending image. We can conclude Whatsapp as free on NCELL as well.

4. NCELL News Pack

With Ncell’s News Pack, we can browse three more Nepali sites for free. Currently NCell allows free access to popular online news website such as, and

So, this are the sites you can browse for free via NCELL sim. I can use above sites and app using NCELL even though I have null balance. If you subsriber of NCELL Nepal you can take advantage of these perks they are offering.


Nepallica was started by Pritush and regularly updates this blog, beside Nepallica he also contributes to Connect with on Google+
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5 years ago

KakaoTalk is also free on Ncell as WhatsApp