Silence Festival II, 2011 Live Videos

Silence Festival II, 2011 Live Videos

Silence festival 2011
On October 15, metal scene of Nepal witnessed one of the loudest, biggest and professional concert that has ever happened in Nepal. The event was big as it was headlined by Polish Death Metal legend Vader. Alongside Vader, various local bands such as Antim Grahan, Hatebook, Kalodin and Underside and international bands such as Commando Noise Terror,Helmut and Innercore. There is a rumor that DVDs of Silence Festival II would be out in market sooner or later, why wait for DVD release ? We have collected videos of Silence festival II with the help of Though the sound quality is not so good it is still listenable, sound quality of Commando Noise Terror,Kalodin and Helmut has better quality. Nepalunderground have uploaded full 80minutes set of vader’s performance. Click on the name of the band to reach respective post.
The Innercore
Commando Noise Terror
Antim Grahan


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