SEO and the Holidays: How the Holiday Season Impacts Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy


Search engine optimization is a tricky topic for some companies. They do their research, they spend hours choosing the right keywords, and they do all the things that any company should do to implement a successful SEO strategy into their marketing efforts.

But sometimes, their SEO efforts are not successful. And when success isn’t seen quickly, most companies simply bail on SEO altogether.

So what could be the problem? SEO can be tricky, and it’s very possible that they’re not implementing all the right tactics at the right time, or it’s possible they’re simply not reaching their target audience. But one of the most common problems that companies face when it comes to SEO is not realizing how holidays can affect their strategy.

Holidays create different trends, and these trends have a major impact on a company’s SEO.

Holidays create more buyers.

It’s true. The holidays create more buyers, so if you really want to increase your sales and get these buyers to shop with you, you need to have a solid SEO campaign in place that caters to the holidays.

Around 41% of people will spend more money over the Thanksgiving weekend than they will throughout the rest of the year. In 2011, over $1.25 billion worth of sales were generated on Cyber Monday and $1.13 billion were generated on Green Monday (the Monday that falls about 10 days prior to Christmas).

This is A LOT of revenue, and you can be a part of it as long as consumers can find you and your products and services. And the only way that these consumers will find you is if you have an SEO strategy that works with the holidays.

Holidays create new keywords.

It’s possible that your SEO is failing during the holiday season because you’re still using the same keywords you were using in Q2, and this is not going to be beneficial. During the holidays, words like “gifts” and “free shipping” become more popular, and it’s extremely important that your company implement these types of  keywords into your strategy if you want to have a successful SEO campaign.

But you shouldn’t wait until December to start implementing holiday keywords. Most people will shop over Thanksgiving, but it’s very important that you start to place these keywords on your website and other online marketing tactics around October so that they have time to marinate and so that you reach those who are early shoppers.

The holiday season is a time for shopping, and with the Internet giving consumers access to online deals and an easier way to comparison shop (not to mention relieving themselves of long lines and crabby retail employees), more and more people are turning to the Internet for their holiday shopping needs.

If you want to ramp up sales during the holiday season, you need to ensure that your SEO strategy is also ready for the holidays. Make sure that your site is optimized with the right keywords and that you’re giving your consumers the best deals, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how successful your SEO strategy becomes during the holidays.

[alert style=”white”] Garrett Payne works with the team at SEOMap – a group dedicated to helping businesses create successful SEO strategies. [/alert]

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