Rajesh Hamal Marriage with Abhiruchi Budhathoki Rumour

Rajesh Hamal Marriage Gossip have always been hot topic in Nepali Movie Market. This Time also Rajesh Hamal is driven to this topic.  19 year Sweet Teen “Abhiruchi Budhathoki” self claimed as No . 1 fan of Rajesh Hamal is ready to marry with him. According to Budhathoki , she dream of marriage at the age of 3 .  The story behind her attraction towards Rajesh Hamal is very quite strange. At the age of 3 she was took to cinema hall by her parents to see Rajesh Hamal Movie. At that time she became unconsiuosness due to a bullet strike upon Rajesh Hamal in movie. Doctor then told her parents to bring Rajesh Hamal to meet Abhiruchi. From that day , her brain was disturbed with the fame of Rajesh Hamal . Now today , she knowingly told media that she is in love with superstar and ready to marry him if Hamal agree. Now lets’  she what will happen.

This is Abhiruchi Budhathoki.

Abhiruchi Budhathoki Fan of Rajesh Hamal

Abhiruchi Budhathoki ready to Marry with Superstar Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal Fan Abhiruchi Budhathoki in hot skirt Photo.

Rajesh Hamal top fan Abhiruchi Budhathoki

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