Portable Facebook web messenger : Chitchat

Portable Facebook web messenger : Chitchat

portable facebookChit Chat is an online web-based Facebook messenger. Chit Chat provides attractive and features rich interface for Facebook chatting. Chitchat has previously released a desktop version of Facebook messenger. Web version of chit chat is recently released and supports almost all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE9, etc. and also in tablet devices. Regardless of device brand or the operating system, user experience will be virtually identical on every device as a result of this integrated UI.

Separate Facebook messenger will be useful for those who want to chat with Facebook friends without distraction, and at the place where Facebook is blocked. Chit Chat messenger allows users to add smiley, change font and change formatting of the font.

Web messenger loads pretty quick even though the UI is well designed and polished, at a glance it looks like a desktop application.

Some advantages of Chit Chat web messenger over generic Facebook messenger are :

  • Uncluttered, streamlined design
  • Logical and intuitive user interface
  • High degree of customization
  • Easy to navigate buddy list and messaging window
  • Highly dynamic tab solution for organizing multiple conversations has been  updated and enhanced
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The browser version of Chit Chat for Facebook is 100% free. To start using chit chat go to chitchat facebook web messaging site and allow the permission in your Facebook setting.

ChitChat web messenger Screenshot




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