Please Help to save : Dil Shova Shrestha’s Aama Ghar


Dil Shova Shrestha’s hard work for keeping alive ‘Aama  Ghar ‘ is very much indeed a precious place . After I went through  DISHANIRDESH interview she is in need of NRs.5 Lakh to keep ‘Aama Ghar’ Alive.

Please Join the Campaign of help to keep alive ‘Aama Ghar’.


Read Below About ‘Aama Ghar’

Aama ko Ghar is one of Nuns’ Welfare Foundation Nepal’s projects. It offers a home to mothers who have been abandoned by their families. Ani Choying says, “It is amazing that anyone could abandon their own mother. We will all grow old, and at that time in our life we need the love and support of our families the most.” The great loss Ani Choying felt with the passing of her own mother is now filled with the love she receives from the 27 elderly women currently living at Aama Ko Ghar (Mothers’ Home).

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With the financial aid of NWF, we have installed a solar water heater at Aama Ko Ghar. This has proved to be a boon as our resident elders have hot water despite prolonged power outage. We have also provided the home with a washing machine to help with the laundry.The name “Aama Ko Ghar” (Mothers’ Home) was coined by Ani Choying Dolma, to reflect the emotions, sentiments, and soul of its residents. NWF has already pledged Rs. 2 million towards the purchase of land and is garnering support for funds as we seek to build a purpose made old age home so that we can ease the living conditions of its residents as they live out the golden years of their lives with respect and dignity.
Dil Shova Shrestha

Aama ko Ghar, a shelter for elderly women, was established by Mrs. Dil Shova Shrestha in 1998 at her own home at Soaltee Mode, Rabi Bhawan. Her objective was to offer them shelter and protection. In due course of time, as the number of elderly women increased substantially, Mrs. Shrestha registered her home as an Old Age Management Social Welfare Trust (OAMSWT) in the year 2000. To date, Mrs Shrestha solely runs the old age home and at present her trust houses 27 women who have found a home to call their own. Her resposibilities include feeding them, doing their laundry, looking after their basic needs, doctor visits, etc. Basically she does everything in her capacity to ease their lives. Most of the women, who had been in pitiful conditions, were rescued by Mrs. Shrestha herself and have now found a safe haven at Aama ko Ghar with the help of Ani Choying Dolma, NWF.

Most of them are afflicted with physical disabilities like being visually impaired, hearing disabilities, paralysis, and some of them suffer from Alzheimer’s. However, Mrs. Shrestha takes care of them despite all odds and is committed to give them a better quality of life.

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