NTC Reduces Internet Data Plan Prices


ntc logoNepal Telecom has reduced it’s internet data prices for Dailup, ADSL, GPRS Internet and WiMax. New rate will be effective from Jestha 3rd 2017. According to new data plan, cost per 1mb of data usages in GPRS is 50 paisa. Previously it was 10paisa per 100kb. New revised price structure is given below.

Dial up
Unlimited Package: Rs. 200 / month
Night Surfing: Rs. 100 / month

ISDN Dial up
Unlimited Package: 64 kbps = Rs. 200/month, 128 kbps = Rs. 400/ month

WiMAX Unlimited package
Data Speed   Monthly Tariff
256 kbps        Rs.1,500
2 Mbps            Rs. 9,300

NTC has also offered additional discount of 30-40% for advance payment of 3months.

The official press release of NTC can be viewed here :

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