Nepal Government to apply internet censoring

Nepal Government to apply internet censoring

porn site blockNepal Telecom Authority (NTA )and Home Ministry are preparing to put internet censoring inorder to block pornographic, violent , racist , provocative or any other objectionable websites . The reason given by NTA and Home Ministry for blockade was national insecurity and increasing amount of vulgarism in society .While organizations like have tried to make a connection between porn (along with drugs like Crystal Meth) and sexual violence, they have failed to show any statistical proof.
This site takes a neutral stance and tries to list all the works done against pornography. Other California-based writer concludes in his article that porn actually decreases sexual violence.

The message in the NTA website to ISP was ,

All the Internet Service Providers are requested not to host the website which carry the message or scene of destructive and provocative nature hampering the national interest – Nepal Telecommunications Authority

nta letter to ispThe message by NTA itself is a fault, I wonder if they will be able to effectively block site. Porn CDs, DVDs and magazine are still sold in market freely & government hasn’t been able to stop it. In order to stop the use of porn website government previously tried to remove the private cabin from cyber was another fail indeed.

Previously government banned some VOIP sites , they might also ban GMail for giving free calls to US & Canada .

There is probability that internet censoring will fail too , and here are some reasons.

  • The government itself is unstable , so next government might not continue this censoring system.
  • Even countries like China, Saudi Arabia are not able to effectively block access to site even after using latest technologies and IT experts.
  • People will probably use VPN or proxies to access those site .
  • Site blocking will need extra manpower and additional hardware increasing the cost of internet , Private ISP are likely to speak against it .
  • This would also block access to social site such as Facebook and twitter.

It’s your right to surf any site you want and you have “Right to information” , even if those site are blocked you can use VPN and Proxy to surf those site. Here is the complete list of all those free VPN and proxy.


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Nepal Government should do some productive thing rather than wasting time on useless stuffs..