National Biotechnology Fair and Life Science Conference 2013


national biotechnology fair 2013

BSN would like to inform you that, BSN is organizing NATIONAL BIOTECHNOLOGY FAIR-2013 (राष्ट्रिय जैवीक प्रबिधी मेला) on 25th and 26th April, 2013, as our regular event celebrating WORLD DNA AND GENOME DAY. It is an immense pleasure to inform you about the fair since this is going to be the season of celebration to all the Life Science students, professionals, scientists, activists. The fair will include following events:

1.Stall Exhibition
Information Sharing
Product Sale

2. Bio-Pharma Industries in Nepal: Prospects and Challenges (A panel discussion with Industrialists, Scientists, Medical Practitioners and Government Representatives).

3. Poster Presentations as the integral part of Emerging Scientist Award

4. Young Minds Creation Demonstration as the integral part for Young Minds Award

5. Inspirational figure Award

6. Biotechnology Development Timeline Show

7. Biotechnology From Scratch to Industries

DNA Extraction in Kitchen
Homemade Pro-biotic Yoghurt
Tofu Making Process Demonstration
Mushroom Cultivation Demo
Wine Production and Processing Demo
Beer Production Demo
Bio-fertilizer Production Demo
Illustrative presentation of production of Biotechnology drugs (Bio-pharmaceuticals) and many more…..

8. Biology: The Science of Life, A Solo Photo Exhibition of a photographer from Kantipur National Daily)

You are requested to be the part of fair in a way or other and find a place to fit in among the events enlisted above.

Since this fair is organized with an aim of transforming Life Sciences research and studies inside our country to a new height we expect a whole-hearted co-operation from your side to make this event a success. Also feel Free to suggest us regarding the fair.

For further information, email us at
[email protected]/[email protected]
Or Call us at

Venue :
United World Trade Center
April 25 and April 26

Facebook event page :

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