Maya’s Bar Grossed 1.2 million NRS on it’s first day

maya's bar nepali movieMaya’s Bar is a directorial venture movie of Dinesh D.C and is heavily promoted all over Nepal. The film was released on Shrawan 12 on Kathmandu and has grossed 1.2 million NRS on its first day of release. Nisha Adhikari, Karishma Manadhar and Rajesh Hamal are in the lead role on this movie. According to some critics film performed well in cinema because of its sex content and same old formula based story line, though the movie has nothing new to offer to the audience. Till now the movie has recovered more than  50 percentage of total investment.

Sunil Manandhar, the produces of the movie is the brother of actress Karishma Manandhar and the movie is home production of Manandhars.

Rajesh Payal Rai has previously announced that he will not sing in any Nepali movie for a year if the songs in movie doesn’t succeed. He sounds pretty confident over his music in the movie.


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