Luminance HDR – Free and Open Source HDR Software

Luminance HDR – Free and Open Source HDR Software

luminance hdr user interfaceLuminance HDR is a free open source HDR software, that is specially designed to work with HDR photography. It is a standalone program that works on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. I played with this software for some time and found the result to be similar to image created using Photoshop or Topaz plugin. For getting the best result you still have to play around with tone mapping.

You can start making HDR by clicking “New HDR image” button on the top, this will launch the wizard where you can choose the images of different exposures. In my opinion, the process of creating HDR image is self-explanatory, and you will be able to create a HDR image without looking documentation. Below is the sample HDR image, I made using Luminance HDR. The image below is just an example, since I myself took the image using ordinary digital camera and the image below is made from single image i.e without using multiple exposure. This picture can’t be regarded as a best it can do but the result is pretty satisfactory and quick to make as well.

luminance hdr demo picture
P.S : Not done taking multi-exposures.

Supported HDR formats:

  • OpenEXR (extension: exr);
  • Radiance RGBE (extension: hdr);
  • Tiff formats: 16bit, 32bit (float) and LogLuv (extension: tiff);
  • Raw image formats (extension: various);
  • PFS native format (extension: pfs).

Some key features of “Luminance HDR Portable”:

· Create an HDR file from a set of images (formats: JPEG, TIFF 8bit and 16bit, RAW) of the same scene taken at different exposure setting;
· Save load HDR images;
· Rotate, resize and crop HDR images;
· Tonemap HDR images;
· Copy exif data between sets of images;
· Supports multiple-language.

This software is highly recommended for those who are new to HDR photography, have hobby of HDR photography or professionals  who want a free software to work with. If you want video tutorial check our post how to make HDR photos  in a minute.

You can download the software from official Luminance HDR website.

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