Invite all friends on Facebook Event (Working Method 2012)

Invite all friends on Facebook Event (Working Method 2012)

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media with 800million+ users across the globe and almost every person has a facebook account. Facebook comes handy to inform your friends/fans about the upcoming events. You can invite your Facebook friends in your event using facebook’s event page but if you have lots of friends 500+ the selecting one by one is time consuming as well as boring as hell. By default Facebook doesn’t have an option to select all friends (may be a preventive measure to stop spam) because of this you are forced to select one by one to invite in your event. In this post we will deal on how to invite all friends on facebook event at once.

Previously there used to be a javascript to do this and was easy to use, all you have to do is paste the code in the address bar of your browser, but now Facebook has updated their code, and this code isn’t working any more. However, we have found the 100% working method to invite all friends on Facebook at once using this simple user script. The instructions for different browsers are given below; you can use any browser for this.

If you are using Firefox Browser:
Firefox doesn’t have default support for userscripts. You need to install addon “grease monkey” first (download from here). After download has completed restart your firefox browser and install userscript “Facebook : Invite them all” from here. Now go to you Facebook event page, if the script is installed correctly you will see an option to invite all.

Below is the screen shot of what invite box will look like after the script is installed. Here, I have selected #:1 to #80 this select first 80 friends in the invite box. After you have kept the number you need to press “select all” button (on RHS). To select all friends, scripts will take some time according to the number of friends selected. After all your friends have been selected to send the invitation.

invite all friends facebook 2012


In case of Google Chrome & Opera, you can directly install userscript “Facebook : Invite them all” from here because they natively support userscripts, though I recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

To install grease monkey userscripts on Internet explorer you have to download Trixie from here and then install userscripts.

Video : How to select all friends on Facebook Event Page

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