Increase your Facebook fans – Simple yet effective method

Increase your Facebook fans – Simple yet effective method

A webmaster definitely want to increase Facebook fans and become popular in social networking giant as well. Several people even spends money on Facebook ads to gain more fan base. Today will discuss on how you can simply increase your facebook fan count just by a simple jquery popup. According to my experience, this is simple yet effective method you can follow.

Add a Jquery popup !
Yes, this is effective then just adding a like box widget in sidebar or footer. If you are using WordPress as CMS then using plugin named “Facebook lightbox” is the easiest option. When activated fanpage poupbox will look as shown below;

increase facebook fan with popup

You can also add facebook like box popup without any plugin in and type of site.

I previously used to think, if some one like the site they will like the facebook page even by searching it but I was wrong :P , to gain fans you need to have exposure and simple like-box widget in your site is not sufficient. A popup-box is also important. My experiment of adding popup box has show significantly positive result and I guess this might work for you as well, so give it a try.

increased facebook fan reach and like

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