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I Wonder !!!

I Wonder - Best Valentine Poem 2013


I wonder if you could sense how I feel when I look at you,

Tilting my head to the side when I smile with you.

The way I feel when I listen to you,

The anticipation in my stomach right before seeing you.

I could hold my breath counting the number of stars I see in your eyes,

Stretch my fingertips to graze the surface of your lips,

And slowly, tenderly,

Fall in love with the way you look at me every time.

I sometimes wonder if you could see all this in my eyes,

Recognize the feeling of my heart in my voice,

Feel the tenderness of my mind lost in translation,

A heart wavering like an angel hair in the wind.

Bikram Kawan

Hello Readers,This is Bikram Kawan from Nepal. You can follow me onG+ Facebook Twitter Connect with me on Google+
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