How to set up wordpress security key generator  ?

How to set up wordpress security key generator ?

WordPress is giant of Blogging platform on this planet. Using WordPress, we can make our site/blog in few clicks. Because of very much user-friendly wordpress-security-key-generatorsystem, wordpress is used by many people/companies in this world for personal website/online solution/e-commerce/CMS and whatever comes in mind. Due to massive use of wordpress, one should be alert or secure their wordpress powered site. Hackers always keep their eye on wordpress security holes to attack sites. Thus, one should secure their website. The first step for securing wordpress websites is by assigning security key in wp-config.php located on the root directory of wp installation. Most of newbies doesnot care about this. This post might save their wordpress powered site.

What you need to do ?

Generate security key from wordpress’s official site here.

WordPress will give you unique key some what like this.

define('AUTH_KEY',        '_@(:!xmJ+A*ZqcSUb|#z?^2Vd4Syiq0Dzm@miqunq5M(${zc-O[zF#-K|j]?<NX-');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'w^.|1+_k^}t$?v]U. q_zV&T):?U?ZF8-XQd{i/>|GQv9-G?(8-/82kGkK.AK)&&');
define('LOGGED_IN_KEY',   'N[^{+]3-bB;IzsyZ<`Z<Iu5n*^WJB~mPvJ+9zUSsn|& |/KFalnv7%Y|K.6}6sN2');
define('NONCE_KEY',       'Y`%rN++G`Rw+Te6/)et/0&228`^N7>]]R&EX:ujz%-KZ=<mrQkE,=bT(qZ/^T{|d');

What Next ?? Open your wp-config.php with you favorite text editor. Find the line define(‘Auth_KEY’ as in above and paste the code generated by wordpress API over there, save the file and re-upload the file in the server. Now your WP is more secure than your previous one. Though we have many other ways to protect wordpress, this method is must have practice while securing WordPress.

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