How to Free POW in Metal Slug Defense (Verified Method)

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metal slug defence game poster_tnMetal Slug Defense is a follow up of to classic Metal Slug Series developed by SNK Playmore. As seen in tower defense games, you objective is to defeat the enemy and free POW. The game is free to play (Freemium) tower defense strategy game released for iOS and Android device.

As mentioned above, the primary objective of the game is to defend your base / defeat the enemy and is to free POW or Prisoner of War. Freeing POW in Metal Slug Defence seems to be a tricky part and most players are likely to search for tips/tutorial on how to free POW / Prisoner of War. Rescuing POW unlocks new units, increase sortie points, increase HP of specific units etc.

Like most of the player, I had difficulties in freeing POW and searched for tips on rescuing POW. There were lots of tips but none of them was effective. Basically these tips were based on assumptions and guessing. Some of the tips I got were :
> Not to use special attack
> Not to use specific units (Slug Attack, sandbag etc.)
> Finishing game as fast as possible with minimum casualties.
> Reaching maximum AP etc.
Well sadly none of this were exactly helpful on freeing POW.. After playing game again and again and researching on it I finally figured out what can actually free the POW.

If you remember, Metal Slug defense have hidden items (2-4) in each stage. POW is one of those hidden items. You get those hidden items when you shoot at place where those hidden items are located. Remember this is how you use to free prisoners of war in classic Metal Slug. So to free POW in Metal Slug Defense you have to shoot (special or normal) at random places in the game. These hidden items are not shown in the map radar above, you can enable to show hidden items by buying relief supply called “Search” which cost 10 medals and can be considered expensive. I suggest you to can use rebel rifleman, soldier or any unit that have long range attack. So in short, use unit that moves slowly and generates special fast plus have long range attack. Here is the image proof to show this works. We will be putting video very soon.

metal slug defense free pow tip

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