How to create/use Google Doc, Sheets and Slides offline

How to create/use Google Doc, Sheets and Slides offline

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Starting with Android 5 – Lollipop, Android comes bundled with Google’s own office suite for creating documents, presentations and sheets (excel). These are lite applications designed to replicate the function of Microsoft Office in Android powered mobile devices such as tablets/smart phones.

These apps are powerful handy and free! In my opinion, these app can flawlessly perform the basic activities like creating and editing documents, presentations/slide and excel files from mobile device without using PC or Office applications.

Without doubt the app is handy but when you try to create new file offline you might be greeted with message “Please go online to create a new document“. ohh.. this means you need to go online to create Docs, sheets and slides… Probably not! You can use these apps to create documents offline on the go. In order to enable this you have to perform following steps.

  • Open app (Docs, Sheets of Slides)
  • Go to setting (Press icon on top-left)
  • Check the option “Create Word files”

That’s it, now you can create documents such as .docx, .pptx and .xlsx on the go offline from your Android device!

These are quality free apps that can be used as alternative to Microsoft Office in Android device.

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