Hoax : Samsung pays Apple $1billion in 5 cent coins

samsung 5cent coin fine trolling

In a court battle between Apple and Samsung, Samsung lost the battle and was forced to pay 1billion to Apple over violating certain patents. Then the rumor about Samsung paying Apple its $1billion fine by sending more than 30 trucks to Apple’s headquarters loaded with 5-cent coins surfaced in the internet.

This is certainly the trolling at it’s best, but sadly it was just a hoax. Samsung’s $1.049 billion fine could go up if Judge Lucy Koh decides so on 20 September or 6 December. The final decision regarding this will be made on that date. It would be great if Samsung actually pays Apple in 5cent coins. After the law suit Apple is probably most hated brand in the internet.

The rumor regarding this seems to be surfaced from internet meme site 9gag.

samsung 5cent coin fine trolling

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