How to create HDR photos in a minute (or less) without Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

How to create HDR photos in a minute (or less) without Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

create hdr image in a minute without photoshop free , beginner HDR tutorialHDR imaging is popular photography technique that is currently used by most of the professional as well as amateur photographers. Most of the images taken by professional photographers nowadays is HDR. HDR actually has become a trend in photography field. In previous post, we posted a tutorial on how to create a HDR image on Photoshop from a single exposure image; that technique is not a actual technique used for creating HDR but it mimics the looks of HDR.

In this tutorial we will share how to make HDR photos in a minute or less without even touching Photoshop. I’m sure after watching this tutorial you will be capable to create a HDR photos within a minute, and it is so easy that even your grandmother will be able to create a HDR pictures. The software used for creating an image in this post is Luminance HDR and works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. For the video tutorial below, I haven’t used multiple exposures instead I created a HDR from single image. If you have taken a picture in multiple exposures, you can still use this software and similar technique to make HDR photo.

This tutorial is targeted for the beginner on HDR photography and people who have photography as a hobby. Advance and intermediate photographers may not be satisfied. You can play around and experiment with tone mappings to get the result of your desire.


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