Greater Nepal is impossible

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You have probably heard of “Greater Nepal.” Greater Nepal is one of the much used propaganda in Nepali politics scenario. Since election is coming next, greater Nepal is expected to be used once again to gain some votes. Some writers have written optimistic views elaborating possibilities of greater Nepal. But in logical sense greater Nepal is beyond possible. It would have made some sense if this topic was raised immediately after 1947 but sadly this topic was raised since 2006 only.
The greater Nepal extends Nepal into a bigger country and includes some parts of India & Bangladesh making Nepal twice in size than of present state. One of the main issues that make greater Nepal impossible is: it is one sided only. Only Nepal and political parties seems to raise this issue. The places that are included in greater Nepal like Sikkim, Darjeeling etc. doesn’t seem to raise this issue.
Secondly, even if Nepal convince international communities about this there will probably be referendum because in today’s time democracy is given more value. And it is most likely that these debated areas will choose to part of India rather than of Nepal because these parts were of India since 18th century. They probably even don’t know these were parts of Nepal since Nepal only held these lands for 25years and some less than 10 years. Besides this, current situation of Nepal is not so good there is political instability with frequent strikes. There is no proper supply of electricity, water supply, petroleum and lots of other needs to meet demand of industries as well as normal people. They most likely choose to be part of India rather being part of uncertainty. Practically speaking, even these lands are handed to Nepal there will be severe miss-management.
Quote from Wikipedia ;

Only those treaties with the British that were live and in force when the British left India were nullified. Ceding of territories had taken place in 1816 and the Sugauli treaty had been done with. The King of Nepal never raised the issue with the British in 1860 (or afterwards) and agreed with the revised boundaries when the British gave back some Terai territory in 1860. As a matter of fact, Article 1 of the 1860 treaty signed by the King of Nepal stated “All Treaties and Engagements now in force between the British Government and the Maharajah of Nepal, except in so far as they may be altered by this Treaty, are hereby confirmed.”

Rather than giving importance to greater Nepal, Nepal should rather try to prevent boarder encroachment by India and work on fixing present problems of Nepal.


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padam kumar sunuwar
padam kumar sunuwar

it is does not make sence about matter of bishal nepal,what is the true particular subject of the bishal nepal means,


you seem to be expert than our boundary experts. timi lai nai mantri banaunu parne. nepal pani india kai ho vanna ber lagaudai nau.

Proud Nepali
Proud Nepali

LOL I am not the one who is aware of these fucking politics but I am sure it may be possible if Nepal got strong enough leaders to try