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Google Translate now support Nepali translatation


google translate nepaliFinally in December 2013, Google Translate for Nepali language is live. Now you can translate various languages into Nepali and vice versa. Now it is possible to translate English to Nepali and Nepali to English. Not only this support for English but also support for other 80 languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Dutch and many more.

Google free online translation tool instantly translate one language to another. The translation for Nepali was just introduced and in some case may not correctly translate the text. The introduction of translation in Nepali has generally gather positive reviews from Nepali users. Though there are some bugs in translation, we hope it will be fixed in the neat future.

Divon Lyons – Director of Google’s Business Relation visited Nepal last time on January, 2012 and announced that the work for adding Nepali translation is in progress. The story for this has been covered here. Besides this Google is also working to introduce Google Calender in Bikram Sambat too.

According to census of Nepal 2068 B.S, 44.6 percent people speak Nepali as their mother tongue.

You can start access translation tool from :


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