Google / LG Nexus 4 Drop Test

Google / LG Nexus 4 Drop Test

nexus 4 drop test

Nexus 4 is a new Android based smartphone made by LG and Google. The smart-phone can be categorized under high-end smartphone as it has dual-core CPI, 2GB ram, 4.7 inch display and many other high-end features. The unlocked phone cost $299 (for 8GB) and was a massive success. Within a hour of sale the phone completely sold out and still has high demand.

The price of $299 is really impressive for device with such hardware specification, but what about the build quality ? Guys at FuchsPhone carried out Nexus 4 drop test. The phone was thrown from average height for 5ft and besides having minor dents and scratch on outer surface there was no major effects. The display was still working and everything was in working condition, which is a good thing for device with that price tag. Beside good build quality the phone has nice look as well.

Nexus 4 drop test show if the phone values for the price you have paid and does it worth every penny you have paid for.

Source : Before and after image can be viewed in the site itself.


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