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Free FLStudio Alternative LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)


free flstudio alternative for windows, linux and macFLStudio is professional , digital workstation developed by Image-Line software. FLStudio is popular commercial software generally used to make music by artists. FL Studio 9 license cost from 50$ to 199$. The price is bit high if you are not a professional and you are a learner. If you don’t have money or don’t want to pay for it then you can download the free FLStudio alternative called LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio). It is an open source software and available for Windows,Mac & Linux operating system.

The interference of both LMMS and FL Studio is similar, and way of working in both software is similar. LMMS have most of the samples in .ogg format, it supports LADSPA and VST plugins as well which makes extending capabilities & instruments in software easy. Songs made can be exported in wav or ogg format.

In short LMMS is a nice free FL Studio alternative, only downside is its sounds/sample may not sound realistic or professional at some point but still it is ok for a freeware. VST instruments can be added to to get more instruments and to experiment with you music. If you have recommendation for other free alternative you can list it below in our comment section.

LMMS can be downloaded from here, which is hosted on sourceforge. You can find some free pitch-correction software from here. You have found any free FLStudio alternative, let us know about it via comment.

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