Free VaultPress Alternative – WordPress Plugin

Free VaultPress Alternative – WordPress Plugin

wordpress-back-up-automaticVault Press is the premium wordpress backup plugins that automatically backup you wordpress blog to its server. VaultPress usually cost 15$ a month for its standard backup service. The cost might seem higher and unaffordable for newbie blogger. There are some free vaultpress alternative which are almost similar to Vaultpress backup service and provides free automatic backup, all these alternatives are listed below.

1. IDrive Plugin for wordpress


IDrive Plugin will backup your database, as well as files, and will store them in your online IDrive account. IDrive account comes with a 2GB of free space. You can store multiple copies of your backup for free without migrating to paid account. You can refer to your friends and can another 10GB space for free instantly. You can download this plugin from here.

2. Back WP UP

This is not a exact alternative to VaultPress, but some of its feature are similar. This plugin backups your blog to FTP Server
,Amazon S3, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure (Blob), RackSpaceCloud
,Dropbox and SugarSync according to the settings you have selected. You can also choose the files and settings you want to backup. Download plugin from here.

3. XCloner – Backup and Restore

XCloner is a Backup and Restore component designed for PHP/Mysql websites, it can work as a native plugin for WordPress and Joomla!.

XCloner Generate, Move and Restore process:

  1. Generate and Store the backups
  2. Move the backup and restore script to the new location
  3. Restore the backup by launching the XCloner.php restore script


  • Backup and Restore any PHP/Mysql application
  • Create custom backups
  • Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs
  • Restore your backups anywhere
  • Share your custom backups with your clients

Download Plugin from here.

4. Codeguard

Codeguard can be used in any type of site. They can be used for wordpress backup without plugin but they have developed a separate plugin for wordpress as well which simplifies the task of  WordPress backup process. CodeGuard is a secure, automatic daily backup service and notifies you when something changes and lets you undo it with ease. Besides backup it also helps you monitor Google Blacklisting and scans for malware. It has free and paid plan, free plan offers 1gb of free storage. Enough for a decent blog.
Download the Codeguard plugin from here.

If you have found an other free vaultpress alternative, list it in the comment below and let us know about it. You can find W3 Total Cache Alternative here.

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Lisa Long
Lisa Long

There is another option, although it was released after this post. CodeGuard is now out, and provides backup and malware monitoring/remediation for non-WordPress sites too! Matt Cutts from Google just tweeted about it (, you can use his code or “NEP” to try out the beta at


thanks for the information, this service looks pretty attractive i will be trying it .

live cricket
live cricket

Vaultpress is much costly but great to use