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Download Age of Empire : Castle Siege for Windows PC


Age of Empire franchise is not a new name. The first version of Age of Empire was released in 1997 by Microsoft and was a massive hit. The sequels of classic AoE was too a hit. The last version before to be released for Windows was Age of Empire III. After a long gap; Microsoft has revived it classic hit as Age of Empire : Castle Siege – a massive multi-player online (MMO) game.

Unlike its previous version; AoE:CS is free or free to play with in-app purchase. The latest Age of Empire is different that its previous release but you have played games like Clash of Clan or Castle Clash then you the game won’t be too hard to learn. Unlike Clash of Clan, AOE allows you to control the troops.

As of now Age of Empire Castle Clash is available on Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 PC only. You can download Age of Empire : Castle Siege for free from Windows Store. The game is also available for Windows Phone, iOS device and Android ( annage of empire castle siege gameplayounced but not released ).

In Age of Empires: Castle Siege player builds various buildings to produce resources and raise an army. The army is used to attack other players’ castles in order to loot their resources and to earn crowns. Players can also form or join existing alliances with other players to exchange messages and troops.

Thought the game seems to optimized for touch & mobile devices; it is still fun to play in bigger screen as well. The game is 446MB in size and is compatible on x86,x64 as well as ARM devices. The animation is great but won’t hog up resources in your device.

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