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Deep Purple concert in Nepal cancelled

deep purple in nepal

Deep Purple concert scheduled to be held on march 15 has been cancelled. According to Nagarik News, Deep Purple concert has been cancelled because of  “strike” that may or may not happen on March 15.

The price of ticket was Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000 and Rs 10000. Many Nepali fans of Deep Purple has purchased the ticket of event. Weather it is to be refunded or not it is still in confusion.

The show was supposed to feature Bollywood singer Farah Aktar and Nepali band Underside. But the organizer cancelled the event in last hour for possible strike that may happen.

According to NagarikNews, Deep Purple was supposed to come in Nepal from Singapore but went directly to London instead.
JetSetPR has informed that event will take place in April 26, 2013 and informed the people to keep the ticket safe.

Though the event is said to be done by JPR, that once brought Bryan Adams there are two different pages. JPR ( has nothing about Deep Purple’s concert, and JPR written as JetSetPR ( who was going to organize this concert was established only few months before event.

According to Himalayan Times,
“The March 15 concert was prorogued for a month as the ticket sale was not satisfactory to support the grand performance”

Update: Thought the show was said to be postponed it is finally called off. According to the band it was because they were not paid in time not because of possible strikes as told by management , JPR or JetSetPR.


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