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CRM: Serving Customers with a Smile


A business needs its customers just as much as customers need businesses. They want the products and services, and the businesses want the customers to purchase their products and services so they can continue to make money. It’s all part of American capitalism, and it continues to succeed as one of the most dominating means by which to earn a large amount of profit. But it’s not always just about the products and services. So many other businesses can offer the same things. What’s important is the customer interaction. How well does one company treat a customer compared to another? Does one company have more benefits? Is one more charitable or nicer to deal with over the phone? These are questions customers ask themselves, and if a company can provide all those things and more they’re much more likely to become a customer for them. This sets the foundation for customer relationship management, or CRM for short. When you have CRM you have a growing trust between the customers and the companies. This trust is needed in order for products and services to be sold efficiently. There are multiple ways in which this trust can be earned, and it is up to companies to make sure their CRM is positive and supportive.

Marketing the Right People

Certain companies have certain demographics. Whether it’s the 18-45 year old market, the elderly market, the kids and teenager market, or a niche market that hasn’t been picks up by anyone else, companies have to find their customers and serve them properly. In order to do that they have to test out their products and their marketing by having focus groups. With focus groups, customers are selected and are given information about the direction the company is going. If enough customers agree with the changes and like what’s about to happen, the company can move on. If there are issues and the customers speak up, then the company can go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong.

Headlining the Market

The market is getting bigger and bigger, so it’s important to get a running start as soon as a business is established. Companies need to make sure that they have the tools needed to spread the word to websites and through physical means such as posters and announcements in the local paper. Soon the company can make progress through a town, a city, a district, a state and eventually the entire country. Maybe even all around the world as well. It’s a time of big change in social media, and every company wants to be at the helm ushering in technophiles to their company’s business. CRM can help companies meet customer demands simply by:

• Watching sales figures

• Listening to customer complaints

• Looking at surveys

• Following the trends

Answering for the People

There needs to be a cry out to the people. To the customers who need answers, companies need to be ready. Have a press release, have a conference, and have a mission statement ready to be sent out. If the customer can hear or understand what is being said, then they can work with the company towards moving ahead. If they don’t hear anything, they’ll abandon at the drop of a hat. With CRM companies hope to avoid this and show that they have what it takes to stick around through the bad as well as the good.

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