Cheat in Facebook Games

While browsing across facebook apps I found a javascript based game which can be tricked by modifying its script. Here is tutorial on how to cheat on this game. I have used Firefox browser and Firefox add-on firebug.
First open a game called Challenge Click . After the page is fully loaded activate firebug and search for  code below:

fbjs_sandbox.instances.a184094167325.bootstrap();return[fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,184094167325),function(a184094167325_event) {a184094167325_click()},184094167325],new fbjs_event(event));

and replace it with this code

for(i=0;i<1000;i++) { fbjs_sandbox.instances.a184094167325.bootstrap();[fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,184094167325),function(a184094167325_event) {a184094167325_click()},184094167325],new fbjs_event(event));}

Here I have surrounded a code inside onmousedown function for loop which loops 1000 times. You can also do this hack in other facebook games by looping onmousedown function with (i=0;i<1000;i++){ code here } also remove removed “return” otherwise the loop will not execute.

This can also be done is Game Beer competition,
For that game search for

fbjs_sandbox.instances.a179779104589.bootstrap();return[fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,179779104589),function(a179779104589_event) {a179779104589_mclick()},179779104589],new fbjs_event(event));

and replace with

for(i=0;i<200;i++) { fbjs_sandbox.instances.a179779104589.bootstrap();[fbjs_dom.get_instance(this,179779104589),function(a179779104589_event) {a179779104589_mclick()},179779104589],new fbjs_event(event));}

Now make some high scores!! Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

Click here for Cricket Master Blaster cheat


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Very interesting


Nice trick, works great :)

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Only on facebook. But for most, the game designers have their own website. So you should google the game you want to play and do it there. Some sites that have fun and addicting games.