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301 Redirect Non-WWW to WWW URLs

Search engines consider and as two different websites. As a result, if your website has been linked to from other websites using a mix of the two URLs you are loosing valuable link popularity. Using a 301 redirect on the “non-www” version of the URL, which is essentially a “permanent” redirect in server talk, you can effectively consolidate all of your link popularity to a single URL. This consolidation will serve to increase your website’s chances of obtaining and maintaining top rankings.


Next Google PR Update

Google PageRank update means renewing your PageRank by Google i.e updating your website’s PageRank and assigning your website a new Google PageRank.Google page rank are waited by almost all website owner and always expect higher pagerank . Last Google PageRank update was done in October 2009 . The next PageRank update will be scheduled by Google somewhere between January-February , 2010 .