Cheat in Facebook Games

While browsing across facebook apps I found a javascript based game which can be tricked by modifying its script. Here is tutorial on how to cheat on this game. I have used Firefox browser and Firefox add-on firebug.
First open a game called Challenge Click . After the page is fully loaded activate firebug and search for  code below: (more…)

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Rank images For Forums ( with tutorial & PSD)

I think you remember my last post where I have shared some of the rank images for forum softwares.  Although they were made for SMF forum software, it can be used in any other forum software like  Vbulletin, MyBB, IPB , PHPBB etc. Last time some images didn’t look good so this time I have re-done all images and will tell you how I have done that. I have used Photoshop CS3 for this work ( can be done in older version too). (more…)

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