The highest webcam in the world brings Everest to the Internet in Real-Time

In order to measure the exact height of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest and to study the effect of climate changes a MOBOTIX camera is installed on nearby Kala Patthar (5,675 meters tall). A MOBOTIX camera makes it possible to watch the real-time images of Mount Everest from the comfort of the home. The Ev-K2-CNR scientific committee from Bergamo, Italy, installed a type-M12 MOBOTIX camera on nearby Kala Patthar. The camera runs using solar power and this project is sponsored by the Government of Nepal.


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Google Cache Server now installed in Nepal

Google server NepalIn co-operation with Nepal Telecom Authority (NTC) ,search engine giant Google has installed cache server in Nepal. Telecom official speaking to Nagarik News (Nepal) revealed that the servers are still in testing phase and will be extended after successful testing in Nepal. Nearly after five months of continuous effort from NTC, the search engine giant has decided to install its servers in Nepal. (more…)

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