Black Friday & Cyber Monday : Security advice for web merchants and advice for consumer


This info-graphic advises the public on how spammers and hackers attack during sale period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  80% of yearly sales derived from these 2-day sale and most hackers plan to create malicious sites to take advantage of these season sale.  They would create attractive packages and sophisticated deals to attract more shoppers.  Consumers have to be cautious with great deal offered from unknown websites.  The infographic illustrates how scammers attack consumers last November 2010.  Keywords such as “toys” and “jewelries” was viewed multiple times in the search engine, and this is where they started to create malicious link to direct consumers to a fake website.  The price of the merchandise can also attract consumers to jump into a sale and purchase immediately.  This is not advisable especially when the price is not reasonable enough for a sale.  There are a lot more precautions needed to survive from spammers all over the world.  Merchants were advised to update their Software and use trusted checkout system as well as to communicate to their consumers for a more secured transactions.

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Source: CouponAudit


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