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Best Free Photo editing app for Android & iOS 2014

2013 is almost at the end and we 2014 is in the door. If you search app store of Apple of Play store of Google Android, you will find millions of picture editing apps, free as well as paid. There are several picture editor app for Android and iOS. From the masses of those app selecting best by crawling in the mess is a time consuming task. So we have decided to list best free photo editing app for Android & iOS available in the app store. In this post we have listed few apps i.e 4 app so that you don’t end up installing loads of apps. These are personally tested by my and I think these are the best you will ever need.

Search for these apps in app store download the app.

1. Snapseed

snapseed android

Google acquired Snapseed along with acquisition of Nik Software which is popular among the professional user as well. Though Snapseed lack some features like healing & noise reduction, it can produce quality output if used properly. It offers more control over settings rather than just filters.

2. Pixlr express

pixlr express android

This software is made by Autodesk which is familiar name in software industry. Pilxr express is a great addition for image editing it offer tools like heal, noise reduction, adjusting levels etc. as well as offer filters, frames and other addons.

3. Aviary Picture editor

It offer few filters and some basic control for editing image. Nevertheless this one is great addition for getting quick picture. You also expand the collection with additional paid filter which is made specially to suit the  of various moods and condition.

4. Cymera

This one is simpler editor and is recommended to those who just want quick image editing without much complications. This offer basic filters and features that make your image shine. Overall this app will please those who doesn’t want complicated thing.

Bonus : Camera 360 Ultimate

camera 360 ultimate

This is more of a camera replacement app rather than image editing application. But we included it here cause it loads of cool filters to suit various need and make image look good.

These are the image editing app we think is best for 2014. Do list your best image editing app for Android and iOS.


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