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Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign is scam and impossible

bagmati river pollution

Bagmati River cleaning campaign is a popular campaign in Kathmandu. There are lots of NGOs which are established solely to clean Bagmati. Bagmati River Cleaning Campaign is not new and I guess you have been hearing about this since more than a decade. Bagmati is still polluted and condition is getting worse.

All Bagmati cleaning campaigns are scam. Cleaning Bagmati is literally impossible. How can it be possible ? Drainage of whole Kathmandu city is mixed there; sewage from millions of house hold.
How can you clean such thing ?
Any NGOs telling to clean these are clearly fooling you. It can be cleaned only if government step forward and invest billions of money to install proper drainage system. Again, there is no exact solution about where to dump all these waste if it is not to be mixed in Bagmati.
To show-off and get donations, some NGO go and clean solid waste that are in side of river, again they clean it for a day or may be two. There ares no proper container for dumping waste nearby, next day people will again come and throw wastes there.
Next time you see lets clean Bagmati campaign – ignore them.


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