You are currently viewing Angry Birds for facebook released : Play it Now!

Angry Birds for facebook released : Play it Now!

Popular multi-platform game Angry Birds is now officially released and is available on Facebook for free play. The Facebook version of Angry birds has similar game play as on iOS, desktop, Andriod etc. Facebook version features additional social components, new power-ups, sharing high-score and Facebook-exclusive levels.

Angry Birds is developed by Rovio and is available for multiple platform including iOS, Android, mobile devices, Google Chrome and desktop. Angry Birds is one of  the major product of Rovio and has been downloaded over 700 million time since it’s release. Currently, the estimated value of company more than $1 billion, and it’s looking to go public as soon.

Check out the trailer for the Facebook version of the game below,
you can and play Facebook version of Angry Birds here.

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angry birds for facebook screenshot

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Minesh Rai
Minesh Rai
9 years ago

This launch is just the beginning for Angry Birds on Facebook……..