… and my facebook account was disabled,

… and my facebook account was disabled,

I still remember that day. It was October 6. Twitter was flooded with tweets such as RIP Steve Job, etc. I was also thinking of writing one good condolence for Steve Jobs in Facebook and when I tried to log in I realized my account was disabled. No reason was provided beside the message your account has been disabled. I was pissed off at Facebook. I checked my email and there was no real valid reason, besides some automated message.

I began checking the internet on what can be done and got some suggestion to contact them via email address disabled@facebook.com & info@facebook.com. I sent emails to both but got nothing besides automated replies.. fuck.. I also tried a/c disabled form, but got same fucking automated reply. Then from some site I got the suggestion to send email to appeals@facebook.com or via appeal form and request for reactivating my account sending my proof of identity. So sent them my ID, but still I received same automated answer. I waited till October 18 but not even a single email was sent to me. Various questions raised in my mind why my Facebook was disabled. I had some application in Facebook but those apps don’t even use FBML or like that. I had around 229 friends. I knew most of these people, though there were some people, I don’t know personally who added me. My name in Facebook was real and exactly matched the data in my ID card. The automated replies were the worst. They were of no help they just tell to go through Facebook’s terms and try to figure out yourself why your account was disabled.

Though I have some websites, I don’t post links of my site in my personal profile, I basically use to share some youtube videos or news. I occasionally used Facebook’s message system and chat sometime for the couple of hours. But still, I don’t have a hint why my Facebook was disabled. There were many friends of mine who have used to nick as their name in facebook nothing has happened to them. And some one made a fake account of my friend, though that person was reported by many of us that profile still exists.

After Facebook disabled my account, I spent that evening crying and didn’t even eat food for couple of days. I was very much depressed and nearly committed suicide.. not really. I made another Facebook a.c after 14days, what can you do besides this?.

I sent around 7-8 email to facebook and all I got was automated replies in all of them, so sending them email is waste of time. Their user support is worst than of Google (Google now have good user support, and you don’t get reply from automated bot. ).


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Mark Should Change Facebook to F**book.:-P

… and my facebook account was disabled, « Facebook Disabled My Account

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