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Analysis on Kaymu’s Marketing Strategy

kaymu-nepal-onlineshoppingKaymu – online market place backed by Rocket Internet Germany debuted in Nepal on late 2014 with domain Kaymu is currently operating in Africa, Europe & Asia; mostly in developing countries. Kaymu is a B2B , B2C marketplace which somewhat copies the concept of eBay & Alibaba. Kaymu isn’t the first eCommerce site in Nepal, there were few eCommerce sites before them but Kaymu was able to capture market rapidly from it aggressive marketing strategy with in short span of time.

In this post I would like to analyze Kaymu’s marketing strategy and provide explanation on why it worked. I’m not insider; this analysis is purely based on observation.

  1. Aggressive digital marketing

Digital marketing is somewhat under-rated in Nepalese context. Companies began to push for digital strategy from late 2013 and increasingly in 2015. Kaymu did its digital marketing campaign mostly via Facebook & Google Adword. You are seeing their ads in Facebook, Google Search, Youtube and in Google Adsense publisher websites. They are mostly using digital marketing, since digital marketing is cheaper, provides better engagement, measurable and more importantly it can be targeted to consumer according to the need. They are using 3rd party app such as for digital marketing instead of depending on only what Facebook has to offer. They are living proof of digital marketing’s effectiveness.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a part of digital marketing strategy and this is another aspect which Kaymu has excelled. Kaymu is ranking #1 for terms “Buy online Nepal”, “Online shopping Nepal”, ” buy tshirt online Nepal”, “Buy laptop online Nepal” just to name few. They definitely have a dedicated team on SEO – this might be in-house or outsourced.

  1. Email Marketing done right

kaymu newsletter emailEmail marketing is the most ignored part in Nepalese market scenario. Only hand-full of organizations are using email marketing. But Kaymu embraced it, their email have beautiful template and magnetic headlines. Some of the example headlines are:
-Shop our favorite finds
-Freaky Friday offer
-Saturday picks: Weekend mega deals
-Grab these deals before it’s too late
These headlines are very effective as these headline are short, create urgency, states benefit, announce exiting news and hit emotion of reader.


  1. Entry from emerging or least develop market

Entering a competitive market is a hard job, also investment requirement is high. Entering a market from emerging or least developed part is an old market entry strategy. This is what Kaymu did, they entered from emerging market like of Nepal, Pakistan, Africa, Bangladesh etc.; places that lacked strong competitors. Cost of 30sec ad spot in super-bowl is USD $4.5 million, Kaymu started in Nepal with NRS 20 million or approx. USD $ 1,90,000 (around 4%) and leading in the market. They would have still been an underdog if they have tired to capture developed market. This strategy is not new and fairly popular among FMCG & electronic products.

  1. Win-Win-Win for buyer, seller and Kaymu

Relation building is one of the most important aspects in business. Long-run sustainability of business depends of creating long-term relation with stake holders, related partied and create win-win situation. Kaymu seems to have high priority for it. They have separate department for seller relation and they also teach the sellers about the benefits and how eCommerce can be used to increase their turnover. This has certainly motivated the seller to continue using Kaymu. Also they have their little sticker pasted on seller’s shop – shops that are located in center location of the city. At least 200 eyes will see the sticker per day; even if they didn’t enter the shop. Mostly because sticker is placed near door, which passer-by can see without even entering the shop.

They are also doing some offline marketing campaign by placing sponsored information boards in few main roads of Kathmandu.

That’s all! I hope you got general idea on how Kaymu is using digital marketing to grow their business.


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