You are currently viewing An error occurred while processing this directive WordPress Solution

An error occurred while processing this directive WordPress Solution

WordPress Web hosting is one of the most headache for all bloggers. We have been searching for best wordpress web hosting from last year but till now we are in experiment. Just only we left bluehost and migrated towards webhostingpad. After moving wordpress from old host to new host many times we faced a problem.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

An Error Occurred While processing this directive was making me headache when accessing wp-admin of wordpress site. This problem was faced after I moved from bluehost to webhostingpad. I contact to support of webhostingpad but they blame me that it was problem with wordpress files though i didnot believe them. Then after bad support I checked my error log and Found like this .

exec used but not allowed in /home2/antimgra/public_html/nepallica/****.shtml

SoftException in Application.cpp:601: Directory “/home2/antimgra/public_html/nepallica/**** ” is writeable by group

Then I google what the hell is ” SoftException in Application.cpp:601:” . Then I found the solution  which was very simple . The answer is change the file permission of the folder as apache told in error.log :P.
Thus I changed wp-admin to 755 and Hence Now I can see the wordpress dashboard.
For user getting this Problem I suggest you to check error.log in you cpanel and try fixing what the error is throwing. Other solution like disabling cache plugin, edit in .htaccess willnot work you .
Please Share if this article help you to fix your problem.

Where ****.shtml is name of file and **** is folder name


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