About:Config Firefox hacks (tweaks)

http://infomatica.files.wordpress.com/2008/02/firefox_banner.jpgFirefox about:config command is the core configuration file of Firefox. By editing about:config file we can tweak and edit almost all the settings. User can access to almost all setting of firefox from about:config . You can access to it by putting about:config at address bar of firefox. Here are the tweaks for firefox that will maximize your browsing experience.

  • Location Bar (Set number Auto Complete URL at Address Bar)

This is a good hack to trim down that huge auto-complete list on your URL bar. By default it displays maximum 12 URL

browser.urlbar.maxRichResults = #

Enter Number at # (3,6,10 etc)

  • Stop Displaying Website Icon (Favicon) in Address bar & On Tab

browser.chrome.site_icons = False

  • Disable Prefetch (Helpful for frequent Google searcher, low-speed internet connection or low RAM)

network.prefetch-next = False

  • Extend Spell check to forms

layout.spellcheckDefault = 2
Change Value from 1 to 2

  • Disable Blinking Text

browser.blink_allowed = False

  • Speed Tweaks

network.http.pipelining false to true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests 30 to 8
network.http.max-connections 30 to 96
network.http.max-connections-per-server 15 to 32
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server 6 to 8
network.http.pipelining.ssl false to true
network.http.proxy.pipelining false to true

  • Remove Tab Close Button from all Tab and set A single Close Button at Right

browser.tabs.closeButtons = 3

Single Close Button to control all Firefox Opened Tabs.

  • Disable Browser Toolbar Tip

browser.chrome.toolbar_tips = False

  • Show More Tabs on Single Firefox Window before Scrolling

browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 75

Setting lesser value with reduce Tab width

  • Disable Delay Time While Installing Firefox Add-on

security.dialog_enable_delay = 0

(Zero is number of seconds Firefox should wait while installing Add-on)

  • Open Firefox Default Search Bar Result in New Tab


  • Auto Complete URL while You type at address Bar


Many of above about:config hacks are available in Older Firefox Version and may be available in new version , if some thing goes wrong then feel free to restore your about:config to older setting ( Right Click on the setting you have modified and choose “Reset”.


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