is not a professional blog and blogs about everything. Subject is not the restriction here in this blog, Nepallica writes about what it wants to write about. All posts in this blog are either summarized from other websites or written by us.
We also write about some entertainment stuffs like movies, music, funny stuff, etc. beside geeky things.

If you have any suggestions, curse or want to send your articles or whatever, then contact us using this page or mail us direct on admin(at)

The name Nepallica is inspired from the name of restaurant named Nepallica.
This is how the word Nepallica is originated .
Metal + lica = Metallica or Metal + America = Metallica
Nepal + lica = Nepallica (not affiliated with America or Metallica)

Nepallica dude \m/

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Administration, site maintenance, writing, moderation etc.

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Administration, site maintenance, writing etc.

Gopal Chitaure [Facebook] Author / Writer

Our aim is to make this site a social blogging site and provide everyone a platform to write about any topic, their views, reviews, etc.  If you want to write here in this site you can contact us using contact us page. You can also discuss about various news and topic using the comment system.