Youth For Blood – Nepal starts Blood donor database

blood donor database nepalSocial activist group “Youth For Blood” has started to make a open blood donor database of donors in Nepal. The group is active since long time and specially focus on providing blood via donor in need of time. Group aims to collect the list of all donor living Nepal, thus making the process of finding donor of specific blood group easy.

How to add yourself ?
If you want to list yourself as donor then you can add your details by visiting address or for mobile internet users.

Some of the motto of the campaign are,
# To collect maximum number of blood donors around the Nepal.
# To make our country people know about the importance of social work.
# To make our organization known in each and every nooks and corner of our country.
# To drag Nepalese’s people interest in the importance on blood donation.
# To make people easier to access our home page site to input their data.

I believe this will be useful and collecting donor list is what Blood Bank of Nepal should have done long time ago. Even thoght it is done by group of social worker privacy is assured and detail of donor are safe with in the organization.

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