Viber is Blocked in Network on Iphone / Android /Ipad . Fix Now !

Viber is Blocked in Network on Iphone / Android /Ipad . Fix Now !

Viber is blocked in your ISP or your network. What to do now ? How can i run ?  Then You are right Place for the answer.

If  Your Viber is not able to make call within your network and you can only just send message. Don’t worry its not problem with your application nor mobile. Its because your internet provider have blocked some ports which are necessary to run viber calls. There is a very easy way to solve this problem. It can be fix by using any VPN Software which will change the current IP of Your Computer and will obtain IP from other free proxies available. Here , we will discuss making calls from Viber via Hotspot Shield . It is a very powerful VPN software available for both PC and android. Viber Blocked on Network Android Phone

Steps Include :

1. Download Hotspot Shield this link .

2. Select the appropriate platforms PC, Android , Ipad or Iphone

3. Install the downloaded  File.

4.Now Run the Program and you will see start protection as

Hotspot Shield Vpn Android

Now after some time you will get some message like ” Your computer is now Protected” which will turn into green color.

To confirm this you can check the Ip address of Your computer. It must be now changed.

Now you can make a call from Viber it must be working now.

If this method helped in your Viber call . Please share this :)

Happy Talking

You can look at download viber for Nexus 7 to get viber apk

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