Trilok Helicopter Made in Nepal – Doesn’t even fly!


trilok helicopter made in nepal

Do you remember helicopter made in Nepal called “Trilok” ? It was probably a much talked about the topic in social media among Nepali and also a featured news in the newspaper as well as TV channel. It sounds really amazing, a man-made helicopter in Nepal – in his home and definitely a thing to be proud of. Sadly, truth is something other than hyped in media.

Trilok helicopter made in Nepal doesn’t fly, only its fan at its top move, which is powered by 200cc pulsar bike engine. Neither there is a single video of this helicopter flying. It’s really stupid even to think of helicopter flying with 200cc motorbike engine. The guy who made has studied till class 4, and doesn’t have knowledge about advance physics, aero-dynamic, electric circuits, etc., which is needed to make it fly. By looking at its blades one can easily assume it doesn’t fly. Putting a rotating blade at the top doesn’t make it fly, this happens in cartoons not in real life. Even to learn how to fly helicopter one has to take course and study physic, how he is going to fly this thing without even knowing a basic of these things.

The media of Nepal has shown their poor quality in journalism by making this kind of thing a news. Facebook also added some extra fuel in this hyped news. If you look at this video you will hear one women asking for donation in Nepali “सानो सहयोग गरेर जानु होला” so this might be a cheap trick to earn money instead.

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Raaz Sah

Why are you blaming him that his invention doesn’t even fly, I know he doesn’t know even basics of aerodynamic, the minimum horsepower of engine to fly a single person helicopter needs minimum power of 50-60 horsepower and have is using a 200 cc motorcycle cycle engine power nearly 19-20 HP, so definitely he won’t fly, yeah instead of making helicopter if he had made single person aeroplane then it would definitely fly, so stop blaming him, even he have passed 4th class he made a simply model of helicopter that’s only a great thing in country like Nepal where… Read more »