Top 10 Free Must Have App for iPhone 5c
This is what iPhone 5c looks like.

Top 10 Free Must Have App for iPhone 5c

The budget iPhone 5c is the first time apple have launched targeting the low end customer.The Price and specification of iPhone 5c is already discussed in this post. To make you iPhone 5c outstanding , lets install 10 must have but yet free app for iPhone 5C.

1. FacebookiPhone 5c Faceook app

This  app will give you full access to the your Facebook account. It will make  easy to upload photos , update status messages, check out your news feed friends’ profiles, and send messages to people either via instant message or email.

2. Instagraminstagram Iphone 5c app

This app will change the look of your mobile photos. It have lots of filter ready to use for you photos. You can upload your daily photos to instagram communities or follow the great photographers and enthusiasts.

3. Youtube

YouTube Iphone 5c appYoutube app let you easily browse youtube videos and play it in your device. You can either check your watch history and easily go to the tab of Playlist. It is must have app for your iPhone device.

4. Skype

Skype is a great tool to communicate and must have app which will make your iPhone 5c great. You can do voice call, send message and do video chat all for free from your device.

5. Twitter

This twitter app makes easy to get updates, tweet and re tweet. It has nice interface. Though there are other apps for this we generally prefer official twitter app which is free as well.


Gmail help to check your Gmail email fast. You can also add multiple gmail account.


Viber is new app but it is great tool. It works in low range of network with great sound quality. You can call, video chat, send message etc. for free within viber users.

8. Facebook Messenger

To make easy chat with great interface with you Facebook friends. This official Facebook app make you browse and make conversation with your Facebook friends.

9. Google Map

Though iPhone 5c have built in map app, Google map is more popular and reliable. It makes you easy with Google map to get direction and find the routes with nice interface.

10. Google Search

If you need to search something . This app is a great tool.

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