Things that are not so great about Nexus 7

Things that are not so great about Nexus 7

nexus 7 suck does it

Google / Asus partnership device Nexus 7 was released back in July 2012 and can be regarded as a successful in tablet market. It provided the necessary lift that Android tablet needed. It is a budget tablet that comes with 199$, but has powerful Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor,1 GB ram, and comes with 1280X800 IPS screen. Nexus 7 has generally received positive comments around the internet. Most of the site hasn’t actually mentioned short-comings of Nexus 7 that are not so great. I have written this post to list some things that are not so great about the device. Though I don’t mean to say Nexus 7 sucks or is a bad gadget. It worth the money you pay.


Display Screen
It lacks a premium feel. Screen will be left with finger prints and look greasy after you have used it for sometime. They should have kept gorilla screen on the device. It can be some what solved by installing screen shield costs 10-14$.

Display Quality

Colors are not rich and bright in Nexus 7. Watch a video in Nexus 7 and then watch in Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad you will notice differences. You cannot use Nexus 7 in day light, its really hard to read whats on screen if you are outside in a bright light.


Nexus 7 has front facing camera of 1.3MP capable of recording 720p video. But picture quality of photos taken by it may not be so good if you compare it with picture taken by front camera of iPad 2.
Back camera might not seem necessary in tablet but at some point it feels like “It should have kept back camera”. Because there are lots of camera app in Play store.

Battery life of Nexus 7 is great unless you decide to upgrade to 4.2. After upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 I get backup of around 5hrs from 9 hours. This much asked problem in Android communities and Google’s group, still there is no word about it from them.

Considering the price factor and hardware you get what you have paid for.


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